Our Ingredients

At Abundant Earth Herbals we prioritize finding sustainably and ethically harvested plant sources to create our products. Many of our earth's most powerful healing plants are endangered from overharvesting and poaching.  This is a vast topic in and of itself that can't fully be covered here. (Though the effect of the essintial oil industry on the frankincense tree is one such example that I am very passionate about and will be covering on the blog!)  By seeking out and supporting ethical and sustainable harvest, our money goes directly to those who are protecting and making positive changes to the medicinal plant harvesting process and environment.

We source ingredients locally first whenever possible, and then spiral out from there.  For herbs that are grown in far away lands, we seek out and support fair trade co-ops from around the world that are creating sustainable harvesting models and where the money from our purchases goes directly into the hands of the community.  

Organic and food grade coconut MCT oil is the base for all of our oils and salves. Unlike solid coconut oil, MCT oil absorbs very quickly into the skin and is non-greasy.  It is colorless and odorless, allowing the colors and scents of the infused herbs to really shine through in the final product.  It is also has a very long shelf life to help keep your products usable as long as possible without the use of preservatives.