The Beauty and Power of Rose

The sweet scent of rose is utterly enchanting and effortlessly romantic.  Used as a symbol of love and beauty throughout history, rose is a powerful heart opening ally.  Seeking more love in your life?  Reach for rose, and find that all you are seeking is already within yourself.    

In traditional medicine, rose is known to be soothing to the heart and emotions, and calming to the mind.  Its relaxing nervine properties are deeply soothing to the nervous system, and help calm and tame emotions.  This can help us feel more centered in times of upheaval, stress, and sorrow.  

Rose has a special ability to comfort and warm the heart, and increase loving thoughts.  Taking time to “stop and smell the roses” isn’t just about slowing down.  It’s about reveling in the simple pleasures of life, finding and experiencing joy, and opening your heart to life. 

Sometimes our hearts can become cold, closed off or hardened due to grief or trauma.  This can block our ability to give or receive love from others and, perhaps most importantly, from ourselves.  For those working to break through these walls, rose can aid in the opening of the heart chakra, allowing love to flow more freely once again.  Rose teaches us emotional resilience, and how to be strong and centered while still cultivating a soft and loving heart.  It teaches us to admire and embrace our own inner beauty.

As herbal medicine, rose can be taken in teas, tinctures, syrups, tonics, and more. (Check out our instagram feed for a yummy Vanilla Rose & Cardamom Tea recipe! @abundantearthherbals)  One of our favorite ways to enjoy rose is topically in infused herbal oils.  Aside from soothing and calming the heart and nervous system, rose is also cooling and calming to the skin.  It is a beautiful oil to reveal your inner glow, and help you to love the skin you're in!

You can find rose in the shop both on its own and mixed with other herbs, including our Rose Herbal Body Oil, Heart & Mind Herbal Body Oil, and Frankincense & Rose Salve.  But this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day and cultivating self-love, we have a special Rose Trio Gift Set!  These three rosy blends are sure to warm your heart.

Vanilla Rose 

The sweet floral scent is so lovely, calming, relaxing and romantic.  It makes the most irresistible body oil after showering!  While your skin is still warm and a little damp, apply a thin layer all over and feel your heart swoon.  After it soaks in it leaves only the faintest perfume on your skin, so it won’t overwhelm you all day. 

Frankincense & Rose 

This blend is a beautiful choice for cultivating spiritual well being.  We love to massage this oil over our heart centers and/or the soles of our feet to nurture feelings of peace. To emotionally ground and center yourself, massage it into the palms of your hands, cover your nose, and breathe in 5-10 breaths.  We also love the soothing and skin healing power of Frankincense resin for dry patches on our faces, eczema, and inflammation. 

Heart & Mind 

The perfect massage oil for when you are in need of grounding (very in your head, racing thoughts, anxiousness, inability to focus or slow down thoughts, etc.)  Massage it in wherever you are drawn to on your body. (Feet are always a great place if you're unsure!)  Feel a tension headache coming on?  Try massaging it into your neck and shoulders.  Also makes an especially grounding body oil after bathing.  The sesame oil takes a little while to soak in, so enjoy the moment to slow down and feel your breath.

How do you love to use rose oil?  We’d love to hear!  Leave a comment below.  

Interested in our Rose Trio Gift Set?  Find our more here.  Available this month, while supplies last!


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